A Simple Tip on How to Be a Stronger Surfer

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Aloha surfers.  Here is challenging but simple tip on how to be a stronger surfer. If you were in my studio or on the beach with me right now I’d say “drop and give 20 pop ups!” Could you do it or would you puke? I hope not.

I’ve shared lots of articles and tips on how to be a stronger surfer but this one is one of my favorites. It’s definitely challenging but offers all the elements of surfing: balance, core and strength. All of these traits are necessary to be a strong and powerful surfer.

If you’re chest, triceps and upper neck and back are not strong and working as a team together you won’t catch as many waves. As you push up on the board to your surf stance, your chest helps you create that push and power.

Here, my client Alysha offered to demonstrate full pushups on two medicine balls. She loves to surf and wants to improve her overall strength. What makes this interesting is that she must keep the balls from moving out from beneath her. The medicine balls do give just a little to help slow them down.

You’ll notice how nice and neutral her head and neck are and also how her hips do not sag.  Lastly what also helps, is for her to have her legs behind her much wider than a standard pushup. This is also a stabilizing factor that allows for smooth execution.

 Exercise: Triangle Pushups on Two Medicine Balls

Surf Stronger

  1. Place the two medicine balls in position, the same position or width as you would on a regular pushup.
  1. Next place each hand a top of each medicine ball and start in a plank position with feet behind you. Spread them a little wider than shoulder width apart.
  1. Begin your pushup by lowering your chest and body to the ground while keeping your head in a neutral position. Be careful not to let the medicine balls roll out from underneath you.

To modify this exercise simply perform on your knees. To advance this exercise lift one leg behind you and/or bring your feet closer together.

Be sure to keep breathing and start with 5-10 reps. To increase the challenge, lift one leg.

Have fun and see you on the water.


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