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Private Personal Training/Coaching – ( REGARDING COVID – IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the pandemic and my decision to keep myself and others safe,  with the Delta varient at a high I am currently holding off in person training until our numbers on Maui goes down. ZOOM is currently available. I’ve been successfully delivering online training/coaching for 12 years of my 20 year career.  All professional training services are via ZOOM  (SEE NEXT SECTION )  Learn More     

Each person is unique and everyone has different needs. I’m here to learn about you and create a progressive, fun, safe and effective path to success.  Getting results and reaching your goals are not something that are achieved in one or two sessions.  My personal commitment and dedication to you will help you stay motivated, safe and allows you to achieve your goals faster! Have fun shedding weight and getting strong and toned with a real professional. Physical fitness is for life, your life! You are making an investment and know it’s okay to ask for a little help. Especially more now than ever, “your health is your wealth”. Click Here for answers to your important questions.

All sessions are one on one and last for one hour, 60 minutes.


Virtual Training/Coaching Sessions:  Virtual training has been a highly effective platform in my practice for over 12 years of my 20 year career. I have clients from around the globe from Bermuda, England, Australia and the mainland. Zoom is FREE and easy to set up. Technology is amazing and if you have high-speed internet service we can do it all. This does work, is highly effective and with my preferred list of home equipment that I send you in advance; you can have me in your home or gym. We keep it simple but challenging. Learn more here and check out virtual workouts


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Remember, “Being fit feels better…..Everything’s better!

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