Advanced Neuroscience Brain-Based Transformational Coaching:

Advanced Neuro-Transformational Coaching

Suzie Cooney, CPT, CNTC combines her 22 years experience as a fitness trainer, athlete and coach with Advanced Neuroscience brain-based transformational, coaching for all levels in sport and life.

“How you see your world becomes your world. If what you see is not working, perhaps you
need a more effective perspective.”  The Mind Wins First, Suzie Cooney

Advanced Neuro-Transformational Coaching is a process in which I empower you to make extraordinary shifts in thinking, exploring and help facilitate and create possibilities you never thought possible, by aligning and developing profound new awareness via the systems of your brain.

“I recently completed 6 months of brain neuroscience coaching with Suzie. I made the decision to do this coaching with her during a very challenging, painful time in my life.  Having the weekly calls with Suzie was a lifeline for me, her warm, caring attention and listening style a balm for my wounded soul.

Throughout the 6 months Suzie helped guide me and my brain into new ways of thinking, viewing situations, learning my core values, having strategies for getting out of the “muck”/negativity in my head when I’d slip down into chaos.

She coached and challenged me through some powerful exercises with me that released old ways of thinking/believing about myself. And the “chair” exercise was invaluable for letting go of someone who still took up rental space in my head!

My confidence grew during my coaching with Suzie and I am much clearer on what is really important to me in my life and having gratitude for all that I have created and manifested.

Suzie really helped me to see my true inner strength, courage, power and direction. I’d recommend her brain coaching program wholeheartedly.”

Ell Lovejoy, Washington


Neuroscience Coaching
Suzie Cooney, CNTC also works with athletes as they transition to a new life through her advanced neuro transformational coaching.
Suzie Cooney, CNTC also works with athletes as they transition to a new life through her advanced neuro transformational coaching.

Suzie is such a natural at bringing out the best in people. As an athlete and coach, myself I am open and ready to keep growing and learning. I love the process of freeing the mind and body to fully participate in life without the hinderance of clumsy patterns that keep any of us operating below where we really are designed to function.  

I recently had the honor of experiencing Suzie’s advanced training for understanding the neuroscience behind becoming a more fully functional person in the world. That means mentally, physically and spiritually.

The opportunity to work with Suzie couldn’t have come at a better time as I recently have been experiencing increased stress due to my Mom’s (96 years old) health challenges. It is amazing what can trigger me or any of us from fully functioning to stumbling around operating out of a stressed state. I can confidently say that in one session Suzie helped me connect my left and right side of the brain again so I could settle into thinking clearly. I am really looking forward to more!

I highly recommend Suzie! She is such a natural at coaching, holding a space of joy, support and reflecting. I am looking forward to more.

Thank you Suzie!!!    

Jen Fuller Sausalito, California

Egoscue Alignment Therapist



“How you see your world becomes your world. If what you see is not working perhaps you need a more effective perspective.” Suzie Cooney, CNTC, CPT

Advanced Neuroscience based Transformational Coaching is a unique, scientific and research backed approach that offers high-level athletes, business executives, professional moms and dads, life pioneers and YOU; harness your full brain, most highly effective potential. When one understands and discovers how to access and integrate their entire brain everything in their lives become exponential. New possibilities become very clear and you are fully aware of how to use and expand your gifts.

Advanced Neuro-Transformational Coaching is a process in which I empower you to make extraordinary shifts in thinking, exploring and help facilitate and create possibilities you never thought possible, by aligning and developing profound new awareness via the systems of your brain.


Coaching is not a luxury it’s a necessity

Neuro-transformational coaching is deeply powerful, creating extraordinary, profound shifts in action and thinking. It is life-changing and it works.

If you notice, the best in the world surround themselves with great coaches, mentors and those who are beacons of deep, practiced wisdom and who have had similar quests and achieved numerous successes. I also have mentors and great coaches and strongly believe in the power of coaching. One person’s success and accomplishments big or small, are often the result of a brilliant team, tribe; or a like-minded “life maker” who offers intelligent and often intuitive, instinctual guidance.

When you can ultimately become your keenest, own observer in life and have acquired the skills and knowledge to consistently tap into your entire brain is when the momentum continues upward.  You are then rewarded the most rich, premium valued prize, monumental goals are achieved, and what you thought was not possible, becomes real. This is the effect. Full brain integration, awareness and effectiveness.



You are soon retiring from your sport or industry in sport. You’ve perhaps been permanently injured, the industry has shifted, other unforseen circumstances or you are aging out. You feel like you don’t have your life purpose, your identiy, you are not sure what life has in store for you next and you feel a little fearful or need real clarity and an action plan.

You are feeling stale or flat in your sport. Your times and performance are actually getting worse, not better. You need to get back on top and on the podium. Remember your mind is your secret weapon.

You know you have the skills, the talent, the motivation to achieve your dreams, but something is still missing. You want to know exactly what you need to make them happen.

You are overwhelmed with life, stress, work, experiencing brain fog, and don’t know how to create a healthier balance. You want to feel good again, feel stronger, more confident and have enough energy to do so.

You simply need support and help with a particular issue or topic and you’re feeling stuck. You’re seeking a fresh new perspective to make the most helpful, best decision that will change your life.

You are motivated and thrive by setting goals, but feel over whelmed when trying to figure out how to accomplish them. You are tired of not making them and need help organizing your thoughts, your plan and seeing them through.

You seek to understand your values and want to discover your purpose. You need defining clarity on the small and big goals in your life.

You feel like your emotions are out of control and you keep ruminating and predicting the same scenario and it’s wearing you down and causing great worry. You want it to stop and take charge of your life.

You have a situation, a bad habit or circumstance in your life and you MUST make a change but simply cannot see the way or find resolution. You’ve tried everything and nothing is working.

You are not feeling like yourself. Life feels a little boring, non-stimulating and your wishing you could find happiness and feel good inside again. You want to know why you are feeling this way.


Requirements: I want you to question the leap into the unknown and I want you to feel just a little bit uncomfortable. You see, being successful in life, sport or career can be lonely so when you discover that coaching and support can help it’s natural to wonder. Being an innovator, a creator or someone who wants to transform into something bigger than they can put words to requires that you’ve already made mistakes and you’re not afraid. I require that you are ready and able to face any new challenge without having to know how the story ends in the beginning.

Decide. You’re here, at the water’s edge. You either leap or put one toe in to check the temperature. It’s up to you. Which one are you? What do you need to just go?

I’ll be the one to hand you your towel and pat you on the back celebrating this significant moment. The small victories are just as important as the big ones in life. Sometimes you just need someone to be there, holding your towel, saying the words “jump now” and watching you make that leap into the unknown. But knowing there is support, your own personal guide and someone with your best interest at heart standing with you on that edge is what I offer. It’s your decision.

Commit. During a phone conversation we discover together what is essential and necessary for you to thrive and get the heart of what needs to happen. (Note- It is not required to be an athlete of any type to work with me) You decide if you are the Athlete In Transition to Your Next Phase (2 months every 2wks) or the Progressive Guidance and Support ( 3 months, 1x week) may suit you or the Deep Neuroscience Transformational Coaching, (6 months,1x week ).  In order to have any sort of profound shift, building a powerful foundation of neural awareness, goals setting and planning the strategy to an awesome outcome takes time. It’s not a process to be rushed, it’s a process of authentic discovery, an experience where you are held accountable. It is work. It is amazing.

There a several ways to work with me. See the next box.



All coaching sessions are 1:1 and are 50 minutes.

Like you, your needs, goals and dreams are unique. You don’t have to be an athlete to work with me but you must be prepared for great things. Below are some examples of how I’m helping others. I am also open to creating a custom coaching experience just for you. Contact me now or read more below.

Athlete Confidence, Mindset Shift Acceleration:        (2 months, every 2 weeks 50 minutes)

You are a professional, semi-pro, local hero, athlete in training. (All levels welcome.) You are not hitting your performance goals. Something is off, times are off, flow and rhythm out of sync.  Perhaps you are needing an extra injection of self-confidence. You need a new way and strategy in your sport.  You need a  REAL fresh perspective as to how you can get your body AND brain back into the game. By exploring particular and specific brain systems in relation to your performance needs and desired outcomes; – together we can identify exactly what is the missing component(s). We can shift your thinking, mindset and confidence from flatness to excellence.

  • Get all the tools you need to help your brain win
  • Manage distractions – internal and external
  • Eliminate training plateaus – get unstuck of feeling like you’re in a rut
  • Learn how to quickly adapt to adversity
  • Stop negative rumination and thoughts
  • Control and manage emotions, fear or frustration

The podium awaits, so don’t wait a moment longer to make this powerful mind-shift and start winning again.

Athlete in Transition:             (2 months, every 2 weeks 50 minutes)

You are an athlete. It is time perhaps to transition into the next phase of your life. Whether a weekend warrior or a professional athlete and you are required to make changes. You may have come to a crossroad, forced by injury or by some other unforeseen circumstance and it’s difficult to know what is next for you in life and/or career. It is here where we unlock something deeper inside you, something that has been untapped, lying dormant. Once you harness this knowledge and practice using it, you will raise your level of awareness and there is no limit to what you can do.

“But all I know is…”   “I never thought it would come to this, now what do I do?”    “Who will see me?”

I will help you rediscover your gifts, talents and skills in an entire new light making for your future to perhaps be even more incredible than the past. I will provide you the support, encouragement, and the resources you need to reclaim a purposeful, prosperous life.

Remember the best in the world surround themselves with the best in the world. Those that have a deeper wisdom, similar life experiences and the practiced knowledge to help them explore and expand their dreams and full potential. Your encore life awaits.

Thinking Partnership, Progressive Guidance and Support   (3 months 1x wk, 50 minutes)
Includes text, email support and monthly summaries                                                  (inquire for professional rate)

Sometimes in life you may need support, clarity about a particular goal, or a different perspective to help solve a problem or need help breaking a pattern that is not serving you.  Having a professional coach and mentor in your life corner can make a monumental difference in all or certain areas of your life. There are moments when something may feel off, stress can overwhelm you, a life change throws you an unexpected curve ball, or you simply need a little more help making an important, required shift that is the launching pad you need to propel forward.  I can help.

Whether you are seeking a particular desired outcome or result, targeted goal or you simply thrive better with someone who is there to help shine the light on something new.  Through my unique advanced coaching tools that are based in neuroscience, along with my 23+ years as a coach, together we define, shape, and bring this objective and intention to life. Your mind and brain are literally, physiologically, and mentally, able to grow and discover exciting new paths that together, we create. Your life will be extraordinarily brilliant.

When I teach you how to integrate your entire brain and be fully effective, fully present, you create an astounding level of self- awareness, allowing everything to come into focus in an entirely new way. You begin to see yourself in your life accomplishing new goals, adapting more effectively to change, and enjoying to the max, the impact it is having on your life.

My support and coaching in this nature are often also intuitive, moving, very accurate and precise. This level of guidance excites the brain, creating a place to share, think and deeply discover what could be. You are required to be all in, all aware and fully present, accepting new challenges and being prepared 100% every session without fear. I give you the key to unlock the extra courage you need. All you must do is lean in and do the work. The results, new possibilities are profoundly powerful.


Deep Neuroscience Transformational Coaching      (6 months, 1x wk 45 minutes)   

-Includes VIP Support-                                                                                           (inquire for professional rate)

Exponentially transform and expand your life in sport, career, or personal growth. To experience deep transformational development beyond your world today, is a process and requires commitment and accountability. This cannot be rushed as it is a time of discovering what your goals or dreams are behind your goals and dreams.

Be warned, I will challenge you and stretch your thinking beyond of what you think you are capable.

Together, we will create a grand vision for your health, career, business, or whatever it is, bigger than you could ever imagine. We will go deep and explore all of the best possibilities based on what you truly value and what provides you, your greatest purpose. We will point and polish your gifts, talents and skills towards what you are most passionate about.  When you accomplish one or two major goals imagine the impact this will have on your life, the world and those around you.

From here I help you map a granular and strategic course to your personal greatness.  This includes developing your structural cognitive brain/mind integration combining neuroscience research-based models, my intuitive guidance and 23 years of coaching. When you harness this concept it ultimately allows for the most highly effective results and outcomes.

Next, we will take your vision or dream and design a strategic plan, so you know what to do, how you’re going to excel and what you’ll be creating. We look at your mindset or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back or look at the barriers preventing you from accomplishing your dreams. I will help you remove and powerfully shift them.

You have already amassed many talents in your life to bring you this far. Here is where we expand on the gifts and skills you already have. We will also work to develop new ones, fine tune them and build them up to be much greater, more productive and more effective to hit that goal out of the park!

We also closely examine your personal body/life budget that drains you of energy; habits or stress factors, people that take away from your focus. We flip it and fill you up with good habits, productive tasks, and inspirational people that increase your energy.

I’m here to guide. You decide.

I invite you to contact me to learn more. I’d love to learn more about you and how I may be of service or support.

In strength,

Suzie Cooney

Suzie Cooney, CNTC, CPT


When I reached a point where mind and thoughts were preventing from reaching my goals as an Athlete, I reached out to Suzie.  She was able to get me to unload the thoughts and feelings that were preventing me from moving forward. My training always involved the physical aspects but not the mental aspects and Suzie was able to train my mind to break through the noise and focus on the results.  I have taken my training to a whole new level by Training the Mind First.  We have several online sessions so far and I am already seeing improvements in my training goals.  I always look forward to our next session.    Michelle Currier

Suzie’s years of wisdom along with my new understanding of how my brain is functioning under stress has given me incredible insight and new ways to see things and solve problems. Learning more of what is actually scientfically happening inside my brain, I finally know why I perhaps think and operate the way I do and  I now have so much more confidence. Suzie gave me new ways to approach certain situations. I love our sessions together, she really lifts me up and helps me see other possibilities.  Mike Wilkins

Authentic, knowledgeable and experienced. 

The potential power of the mind is incredible and I’m loving unlocking a new side of me, and a new way of working through things. I feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface, and I’m excited to see what the future brings. Suzie, is Authentic, Knowledgable and Experienced and I’ve loved our sessions, learning about how the Mind Wins First… and putting it to highly practical use – immediately. I’ve loved our online sessions from here in the UK and can’t wait to see what comes next!   Heather Peacock, Untied Kingdom

Not only did Suzie prepare me physically to paddle 57 miles, she unlocked the biggest secret weapon- the mind- with her revolutionary neuro-brain coaching which I swear took my performance to another level. There were things in my life I had to change so I could be successful and complete this race. Suzie recognized exactly what I needed to do as I approached this huge goal. Claire-Watson Armstrong, Northumberland, UK

If you'd like to learn more, I invite you to have a conversation with me so together we can start planning your path.

Advanced Neuroscience Coaching Suzie Cooney

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