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Suzie has helped my fitness in and out of the water. It has been great training with her and she has passed on a lot of knowledge that I use in my everyday routines.

Kody Kerbox

Professional SUP Paddler, Maui, Hawaii

What a great trip I had to Maui this year and always grateful for all your encouragement and support. I was so fortunate to paddle Maliko 3 days in a row and glad you pushed me on the last day as that was the best. You gave me a lot of good pointers and I listened carefully and continue working on them diligently. I will keep improving and come back stronger next time. I was looking to work with a trainer that was not only familiar with local conditions but could also help me elevate my paddling skills to the next level and was not disappointed in hiring Suzie.  She is both extremely knowledgeable and very personable. We worked in her studio where she designed a fitness program very specific to my ongoing paddling needs and spent time on the water.   Maliko is a magical place and has a magnet that keeps pulling me back.   Aloha!

Peter Davies


Suzie you rock!  My sessions with you over the past 10 months have dramatically improved my surfing and SUPing.    Recently, I was surfing at Hookipa and there were three different waves where previously I would have been off the board that I was able to regain balance and keep riding.  I could feel all the balance work we’ve been doing pay off.  Thanks for your support, encouragement and fun engaging training sessions.

Steve Sapourn

Maui, Hawaii

I’m not sure I would have ever gone back to that course without your help,” Sasha Kinloch says. Paddling two miles out with you from Maliko Gulch, looking back on the shore; was a highlight of my life here on Maui. Every paddler at every level can benefit from time with Suzie.

Sasha Kinloch

Maui and Washington

I’m not usually a fan of one-on-one personal training, but Suzie gave me some solid workouts that turned out to be just as fun as they were effective. Not only are they entertaining, but Suzie’s training routines have one other big plus as well: They’re not only about making you fit, they’re entirely geared towards making you a better stand up paddler.
There’s plenty of ways to become fitter off the water and a million personal trainers that can help you get here, but not many can offer land-based training that actually helps you become not only a fitter paddler but also a more effective paddler. That’s exactly what Suzie does though; everything she teaches is designed to improve your balance, technique and power of your stroke.


I did a couple of hour-long session with Suzie that included everything from medicine balls to TRX to kettle-bell workous, as well as a whole bunch of random exercises in between (watch out for the Rings of Fire workout, that one’s a killer).
I also counted approximately five hundred different types of balance boards and balance balls laying around Suzie’s studio, most of which come into play at some point, so expect to be humbled.
You’ll wake up the next day feeling sore but satisfied knowing you’re not only that extra bit fitter but also stronger and more effective on your paddleboard.
So next time you’re on Maui (or if you just want a consultation via Skype) get in touch with Suzie Cooney. You’ll get a tough, fun and very entertaining workout that’ll make you not only a fitter paddler, but also a more effective one.

Chris Parker


I started training with Suzie last January to prepare for windsurfing in the spring. One big day at Ho’okipa I got caught in the inside.  If it hadnt been for the strength that I had gained while training with her in my upper body and my legs, I would have been eaten by this huge set.  I was absolutely amazed  that I could handle my gear and make it out okay.  I now know the importance of getting strong and maintaining my strength. The routines on and off the water are challenging, but fun, and it really has paid off!

Michelle Wagner


Suzie is the most prepared, diligent and motivating trainer I’ve ever had from high school athletics up to professional skiing. She makes the most of Maui’s natural environment and keeps things fresh and inspiring!

Chris McCutcheon

San Francisco, CA. Surfer, Stand Up Paddler, and Former Pro Skier

I had paddled only twice in my life. My wife Cheryl and I went to Maui, called Suzie Cooney. She invited us on a community downwinder from Paia Bay to Kanaha. Could barely stay on the board! Then I took a personal paddle lesson from her, and she demonstrated the great ability to coach technique, but more importantly communicates in an effective way. She was also so laid back as was the community she introduced us to, it really made it a awesome experience.
Went home, bought a board and set the goal to complete the 22 miler across Tahoe race (supported by a lovely wife who knows I need a “focus” on a physical activity. I achieved that in 2011. Did a number of other races, many sponsored by South Lake Tahoe Stand Up Paddle. Trained more, paddled lots, coached more by Tracy Day, bought another board a Flatwater Paddle, a fricking rocket. Then won the 18-55 age group in the 12′ 6″ class in the 2012, 22 miler. By the way, all at age 50!
Suzie is definitely a high ranking ambassador of SUP awesomeness, along with many others.

Scott Boyles


Five months ago I made a very important decision in my life, one that I should have made years ago, and that was to make fitness, health and well-being apart of my daily routine.  I am a 38-year old single mom to a beautiful daughter who is truly the apple my eye and shares the center of my world. I began training with Suzie on May 28, 2008, and as she was reviewing her “game plan” for me I stopped her mid-sentence, looked at her with tear-filled eyes and thanked her for helping me change my life.  Many of us walked into 2008 hoping and praying that this year would be the year of “CHANGE”, and most recently we were embraced with the new-coming of global change.  However, and most importantly was the change I was making and STILL going strong in my life.  I have come down nearly three sizes and feel more healthy, fit and strong then I ever have before. Suzie’s attention to detail, encouragement, commitment, and devotion to her clients are what makes Suzie not only a wonderful trainer, but also a fabulous person inside & out. I love you Suzie, you truly are a ROCKSTAR! I will never be able to repay you for how you have helped me bring “CHANGE” to my life.  THANK YOU!

(fellow Rockstar) Makawao

Suzie’s training keeps me at a high level of fitness without paddling. I’ve learned some really challenging exercises that are fun and will keep me strong outside of paddling. I also want to prevent injury.  The number one thing Suzie gives me is more confidence and now I feel more prepared. Suzie’s helping me out tremendously.

Jeremy Riggs

Professional SUP Paddler, Maui, Hawaii

Hi Suzie,

I have been out on the water working on my stroke and I have to say a massive THANK YOU!! The change was almost instant once I directed my hip and sholder to the opposing side of the nose. Boom! My whole body opened up, obliques started burning and my reach and control does not feel restricted by my back. Your a star!
Jackie Neil

Paddler from Australia

Training with you Suzie, it’s every time an incredible experience. You have so many innovative approaches to training. The hours I spent in your gym felt like seconds. Your deep understanding of SUP makes everyone better paddlers and athletes. I can say that you are really special person, athlete and coach. Your dedication to your work is really amazing and you always give your all to make training efficient, interesting and what is the most important it’s FUN.

Manca Notar

Professional SUP Paddler, Slovenia

Within only 2 weeks and 5 sessions with Suzie, my core strength literally exploded. I felt so much more confident on the kite-board and the standup paddle board with my body in full control. Suzie varies the exercises so it never gets boring and always challenges you at the level you are at – a fantastic personal trainer that really cares about you as a client and doesn’t just work the routine.


Having been in professional sports for over 15 years, I have never experienced such a great improvement in so little time – too bad my Maui vacation ended so quickly. I came to Suzie specifically to improve my core strength fort he NYC marathon next week and I now feel extremely confident that my core muscles will be ready for the challenge. I can recommend Suzie to anyone at any level of fitness without hesitation.

Jan Sibbersen

Germany (Former world class swimmer & professional triathlete; Ironman Swim World Record Holder)

Sometimes fate seems to send a subtle message in ordinary observations. This time it came from a name and the resulting initials – Suzie Cooney, SC. Ed and I are in week 8 of our “Eddie Will Go on the Olukai Ho’olaule’a” race – comeback from extensive shoulder surgery. Week 8 is the best one yet. We are actually in Maui and are SUP surfing and doing sweet down-winders every day on our Naish 14? Glide GX. Last night we had dinner with our trainer-from-a-distance, Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui.
There’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation over ono burgers at the Fish Market Restaurant in Paia, especially after all the support we’ve gained from Suzie over the past months. How did two 63 year olds from Oregon come to be trained by Suzie Cooney on Maui? That’s quite a story.

Ed and Judy Shasek


I arrived at Suzie’s studio overweight with back, foot, and hip injuries from horseback riding accidents that have plagued me for years and eroded my level of fitness. I felt lousy being out of shape. I was fretting about my future. From my first session with Suzie, she helped replace fears and regrets with new horizons and possibilities. By the third workout, I was feeling exhilarated and my little successes were starting to add up. Each time she coaches me; I can go further with more comfort. Each time I am stronger and more able. Even when I whine and moan, she stays with me and I exceed what I thought I could do. I can do things I couldn’t do before and it feels so good! Compared to where I was when I began, this seems like a miracle. Suzie is a great role model, a rare combination of keen intelligence, feminine strength, solid expertise, and steely resolve, all with a gentle, loving, supportive nature. I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who wants to be healthier and stronger. Do yourself a favor: call her to talk about your health and fitness goals. She is tops at what she does, loved and respected by her clients. If you are wondering if you can afford a personal fitness trainer, ask yourself if you can afford to stay on the same path you’ve been traveling. What is that costing you? Make an appointment to begin your journey to a better life, whatever your present situation. I’m sure glad I did!

Lindagail Campbell

International NLP Trainer

I moved to Maui to enjoy my passionate, favorite sport of windsurfing, and to raise my skills to the next level. Because Maui offers the best ocean conditions in the world for windsurfing, you have to be even more physically fit to tackle the more difficult open ocean conditions, including big waves. Windsurfing daily is simply not enough to help raise your sailboarding skills to higher levels. I knew I needed to strength train with a professional, but not with just any weight lifting coach. I wanted to find someone who also windsurfs because I figured they’d be much better at understanding how to tailor the workouts to better fit my favorite passion. I was in a real world of hurt because my old personal trainer gave up his business for another career. Then one day at the surf shop, my prayers were answered, when I found Suzie Cooney’s CPT business card, that said ‘Surf, Windsurf, & Kite Stronger NOW
I called and arranged an appointment. It was one of the best steps I have ever taken which has had nothing, but HUGE positive effects on improving my windsurfing skills and increasing my level of enjoyment on the water. Suzie comprehends our beloved sport of sailboarding so well, that she knows exactly what core training exercises, and balance procedures to execute during our workouts. She actually works-out with me for many of the exercises, and makes absolutely certain that each exercise is performed correctly with the right breathing, and body posture.
On most training days, I usually will sail the same day, and I can immediately experience the benefits of Suzie’s tailored training. As an example, my light wind water jibes are much easier now and I hardly ever fall into the water. I also notice, that I can make stronger jumps, as well as make more aggressive cut backs on wave faces. I attribute all of these improved skills to Suzie’s training. I feel very certain that without Suzie Q’s training, I would still be a much weaker sailor. Suzie is one of the most professional, caring, brightest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am so lucky to have one of the best trainers one could ever dream about, for ocean sports. Once you train with Suzie you will start sailing stronger, and happier right away. Suzie is simply the very BEST, certainly a 10 out of 10 in my life. I can’t wait for my next session with Suzie. Try her once and you will never go back or be the same on the water.

I’ve been training Mike for many years. He is very strong and an amazing windsurfer. He is focused and always performs to whatever I set forth for our session. I really enjoy training Mike. Thanks Mike for all your support!  Good job and see you on the water!
— Suzie Cooney

Mike Abrams

Pukalani, Windsurfer

We are grateful that we got some much needed water time with you. And we can’t wait to do family workouts when we get home & throw out a “What would Suzie say?!” when the going gets tough. 🙂  You are an inspiration & we are glad to have you in our lives.  The Ludington Family

Lundington Family

Des Moines, Iowa

When I moved to Maui from Colorado, I wanted to find a trainer that could build my confidence both on and off of the water. Suzie provides both of those qualities and goes above and beyond to share her knowledge of the ocean and water safety as well as building your physical and mental strength and self-confidence. Suzie is not one of those trainers who only cares about you when you show up for a workout, she cares about her clients overall mental and physical health and encourages them to be their best both in and out of the gym. Thanks to Suzie, my physical, mental and emotional health are at an all time high and I now have the confidence to train for the Olukai Maliko SUP race in May!

Bo Forster

Maui, Hawaii

Since starting my program with Suzie, I have gained so much physically mentally and emotionally. She is more then just a trainer to me; she is a teacher, a role model and an amazing woman in my life! She pushes me to do my best and succeed in all things life hands me! She supports me and cheers me on! I have become a much stronger person in all ways thanks to Suzie and her awesome program! Mahalo 🙂

Ruby Hunter

Surfer on Maui

Being a lifeguard, I swim, paddle and run almost everday. Suzie’s training is fun and really challenges my core muscles. It’s awesome!

Tony Colletta

Paia Maui North Shore Lifeguard

I've been changing people’s lives since 2001. I look forward to working with you too!

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