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“Your core is everything excluding your extremities and is critical for increasing your SUP performance. It’s not just your abs, it’s your deep pelvic floor muscles, low back, all the accessories to the abs, including the obliques..”  Suzie Cooney

Building Your Dynamic Core For Stronger Stand Up Paddling with Suzie Cooney

(Progressive Photos Below )Want to explode your paddling core strength? You got it. These exercises require that you understand how to engage your core muscles both before and during the entire set. You become the stabilizing factor as you perform these movements and your core becomes the source of power for each stroke on the water.

Also, I’d like you to pay close attention to the tubing or TRX Rip Trainer cord so that it is always taut and under tension throughout the entire series. I call this “time under tension”.  If you “let go” of this concept, or your core, you won’t benefit fully from this workout.

Training Note: It’s your choice if you wear shoes or not, or if you train on an unstable surface such as the beach (which is more challenging). I try to train barefoot so that I can mimic the feel of the board. If working with weights, be careful not to drop them on your feet! Everyone’s training needs and experience will vary, so the number of sets/reps you perform is up to you. Typically, if you are just starting out, try 1-3 sets with 10-12 reps each, making sure you are always in perfect form.

 Equipment: TRX Rip Trainer medium to heavy chord, medium/heavy resistance tube, BOSU or unstable platform of choice

Progression Variables: change the platform you are standing on or use a heavier tubing or cord, increase or decrease your contraction hold time

Suggest Reps/Sets: 2-3 12-15 right and left side

 Exercise: Standing Core DynamicStabilization TRX Ripper/Tube Rotations 

Starting with your feet solidly on the ground about shoulder width apart, pointed straight ahead and with good posture, tie the cord/TRX Rip Trainer to a secure object (Dave’s truck worked great!). Holding the TRX bar/tubing at shoulder width and just below the top of your shoulders, begin to engage your core by drawing in your abs and hold while making sure to breathe. Remember, safety loop! Don’t death grip the bar, but start far enough away from post with enough tension that will require you to stabilize the bar and your body. Rotate your body to the right while core engaged, then slowly return just before your start position (critical) and repeat.

Cord tubing on ground:

 Progression 1: Secure a light, medium, or heavy gauge tubing to your secure object and perform the same movement as above, however, this time you’ll need to steady the tubing with your left arm locked. Gently clasp the tube with one hand, but do not grip too heavily. Place a bit of tension on the tube and begin the rotation. Remember “time under tension”. To increase challenge, step further out or hop on your BOSU or other unstable platform.

Progression 2:  In this photo, I’m using the  TRX Rip Trainer with the heavier cord on the ground first:

Progression 3: Stand on your BOSU or other unstable platform. (An INDO Board on top of a Gigante Disc works well too). Now do the same movements while on the BOSU. Wow…crazy!

These take time to perfect but are well worth it. Really try to tune in with your body here as you do during your SUP training sessions.  You may be stronger on one side versus the other at first.

Please share with your friends and I hope to see you on the water with an amazingly strong paddling stroke.

Your fan,

Suzie Cooney

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