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Here are your Free BMR calculators  or basil metabolic rates provided to you by Suzie Trains Maui :

Below are two helpful calculators that will help you determine your energy needs.

Suzie Cooney special training note for Suzie Trains Maui  While no one formula or equation fits all please take the following factors into consideration when determining your caloric needs:

  • Current level of fitness
  • Age and gender
  • Health conditions, medications
  • Total weight and lean mass versus fat percentage
  • True activity levels, including daily life scenarios such as type of career and actual training time
  • Diet and nutrient consumption
  • Hormone factors

Know Your Body’s Nutrient Fuel Consumption Needs as a SUP Athlete 

 It’s obvious this food thing is very important and I really appreciate that you’ve stuck with me this far. Determining the right amount of fuel takes planning, preparing and figuring out what foods work the best as energy to fuel you. There are many variables such as age, gender, and genetics current level of fitness that will have a significant impact on your performance and your fuel needs.

Fuel is also referred to as food, calories, nutrients, liquids, and, lastly as energy. How your body draws from your fuel stores is a science within itself.

How much fuel or energy (calories) will it take to fill your tank?

When you think of fuel for energy think food. To measure your energy needs think of a calorie. A calorie is a measure or unit of energy used to translate energy consumption through food and drinking to energy usage through physical activity.

Discovering how much fuel you need or calories you need as energy to do anything you do at any level, knowing your basil metabolic rate is a great place to start.

This is the rate in which your body burns calories at rest. Once you’ve got that information, next you’ll need to figure out your activity multiplier, (see below) and select modifier of how much you work out, train and paddle. Then you will have a baseline of how many calories to approximately work with.

The original formula you may be most familiar with is the Harris Benedict Formula: 

MEN: BMR = 66 + [13.7 x weight (kg)] + [5 x height (cm)] – [6.76 x age (years)]WOMEN: BMR = 655 + [9.6 x weight (kg)] + [1.8 x height (cm)] – [4.7 x age (years)] 

Note: To convert pounds lbs to kilograms, kg:

lbs / 2.2 = kilograms

Example A women weighing 127 / 2.2 = 57.27 or 58 kg



As you athletic performance increases take special note of your needs in calories. These will also change if your weight increases or decreases.

Keep up the good word and remember to eat for fueling 90% and 10% for fun.

Suzie Cooney

Suzie Trains Maui


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