Inspirational Video Spinning With Change And The Lesson I Learned to Shift
My Mind to Feel Free and Let Go


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Living on Maui the air and the water is warm and the ocean so blue.  The skies are full of wispy clouds with beautiful sunsets. I am so blessed and fortunate to be able to work my passion on the ocean and to experience all the beauty Maui has to offer every day.

photo Amanda Emmes   link to her work below

I write today to inspire, reveal and share that while the waves keep rolling in and rolling out, so do people, dreams and things that were once thought as permanent. The hardest and most important lesson I’ve learned this year is to embrace, acknowledge and recognize that everything arrives and goes.

While I strive to understand that letting go of attachment is ideal, I’m also learning that when I can accept this more easily and put it to practice, change will also become easier. This does help my mind to shift and get unstuck and to let go of things, circumstances, people, the past and future events all of which I cannot control.

The analogy I’ve conceptualized is that one’s footsteps in the sand like life, are only temporary. Nothing is permanent. The imprints and impressions of what we think is our path, our life or our journey can suddenly or change over time. There is a shift in the sand. The water and the wind moves it, covers it and rebuilds it one speck at a time. And within a shift the inevitable is change. There will be new footsteps, imprints and impressions that will only be temporary.

My love of the ocean is known. I accept and welcome big surf, the changing tides, the howling trades and the monster swells that carry me to my happiest place on earth, the Maliko Run. But I will open and honestly admit when it comes to life, it’s the unknown that is often paralyzing and frightening to me. ( getting better )  A constant work in progress.

I’m the coach, the mentor the one to always be strong and to give all I have which is what I enjoy the most in life. This time however, I’ve discovered that through difficult or changing times I can still do what I love but have to remember to so save some extra for me. To make the time to train myself, paddle by myself and feel the ocean, play more music and the enjoy the little things just for me.

I like to play a little piano and try to create a feeling with my music to express the visual of the video. This took some time to come to me so I hope you enjoy:

Spinning with Change Cycling on Maui Suzie Cooney from Suzie Cooney on Vimeo.

Recently I’ve discovered cycling. As strange as that may sound, as dirt bike lover, mountain biker and everything fast, it took me forever to even consider it. Not sure why, because maybe I didn’t like all that lycra or it looked so painful and restricting? Well, it’s kind of a new thing as of late that allows me to get my adrenaline fix, and really go fast and let the wheels just spin! As silly and simple as it appears, it’s just me my music, the beautiful skies and cloud and my thoughts.

Cycling, like downwind paddling, is another form and opportunity for me to clear my mind and my thoughts. I love to feel the air, feel my lungs explode, notice the power in my legs and release my worries into the universe. I can’t help to smile often when I’m out there as it makes me feel like a kid again.  No one can catch me, no texts, no emails just me. 

I take deep breaths through my nose when I’m working extra hard to try and increase the capacity of heart strength. I guess what ends up happening too is I’m able to notice this change, embrace it and let it go.  I’m  still learning and discovering new things a new way to be and new ways to feel.

Well, if you don’t see me on Maliko perhaps you may see me smiling somewhere on Maui on my road bike. I will just keep shifting the gears of life as best I can and I encourage you to do the same.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you and how you manage change whether it be through sports, music, exercise, nature, art or whatever you wish to share.


Mahalo for your friendship and inspiration.

Suzie Cooney








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