Stand Up Paddling with Singing Whales Video on Maui Feb 16 2018

Suzie Cooney stand up paddling with whales Maui Feb 2018

While heading out for a simple training paddling session on the West side of Maui last Friday,  I had the most amazing encounter with a baby whale and it’s mother. They were very playful and the little one about 5 ft long and was learning how to breach. It was so cute and the mama would guide it along. The waters were silky blue and I could hear them singing while I was on top of my board. By lowering my GoPro into the water I was able to pick up their amazing songs. 

I kept the the required distance away as moved closer and closer. I just sat still and waited, watched, listen and was in complete awe. 

The mother whales was so calm and since they swam so close I had to be very mindful of their space. I wasn’t scared as I’m sure they knew I was there. I was so grateful to be in their grand presence. 

Stand Up Paddling with Singing Whales on Maui Feb 16 2018 from Suzie Cooney on Vimeo. To share click this link:

I wish every training day was so spectacular and this special. It sure made it hard to keep focused with so many whales enjoying the beautiful day. I hope all of you one day are lucky enough to experience stand up padding on the warm waters of Maui.

Grateful to live on Maui 
Pease share the Aloha,

Suzie Cooney 

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