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Break out of the workout trap, and don’t be like others stuck in the same routine—and the same body.

Ever notice at the gym: You see the same person on the same treadmill or weight machine doing the same routine? But, do they look any different? Here are a few tips to avoid falling into the same workout trap.

More is not always better

Lifting too much weight can compromise the alignment of your spine and may cause muscle and ligament injuries. Heavier is not necessarily better. Watch your form and avoid swinging weigths or overloading the cables. For example, the lat pulldown machine can be very dangerous with too much weight. Maintain a controlled movement and pace. Avoid the rocking back and forth movement that tends to come with too much momentum or weight.

There’s more to train than just a bicep!

Most people love to train the bicep muscles, because they tend to respond to training rather quickly. Have you noticed that when you’re at the gym, everyone’s doing a bicep curl? Yeah, it looks great, but it’s the smallest upper body muscle. Don’t forget your legs, back, shoulders and abs! Balance your workout for total body conditioning.

Where’s my six-pack?

If you want to lose in the middle you must, do way more cardio. Your six-pack is waiting for you, but until you get that heart rate up to boost your metabolism, good luck. It’s not to say that if you did 500 crunches a day you may start to see some defintion, but you must lose the fat first. Be careful again not get stuck in the same cardio routine as well.

Machine monkeys

These are the ones all hunched over hanging over a treadmill, or stationery bike with a death-grip on the handlebars. Make sure your posture is straight and your shoulders are back. If the speed or elavation is too high, bring it down as not compromise good form. I like elliptical machines because you can’t really just hang there. Don’t cheat yourself.

Stay out of the trap for good

We all enjoy doing what is easy, and that’s how bad habits take shape. Working out should be fun and different. Some people do like routine, but I promise your body doesn’t. Go to the beach for  an outdoor workout. Grab your board, get some paddling in and catch a few waves, then finish with a weight workout. This is my favorite thing to do!

If I can help you get out of your trap, go to my blog at or call me at (808) 283-2121.

Suzie Cooney is a certified personal trainer and model.   Check out the entire issue of The Maui Weekly here.


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