As a trainer and stand up paddling coach, my reward is getting to share smiles like these. Waking up to an email of this magnitude makes me feel so happy and full of pride.  This past Monday I received in my inbox the following email:

“Aloha Suzie, epic downwinder yesterday morning. Air temp with wind chill, 38 degrees. Weather app recorded wind, 29 mph! Never been in wind that strong here and it was pretty crazy, no boats in sight, just me hollering on my own. It was cold and wore hat and gloves but well worth it and had some great glides.  Had to take 30 minute hot shower afterwards to warm up and pumped for the rest of the day.

Hope you are doing well Coach!”

 Peter Davies

You may have met my client and dear friend, Peter Davies before on his first visit to Maui a few years ago as we embarked on his first victorious, Maliko downwinder.




When he’s not on Maui we train via SKYPE to keep him stoked and primed.  He books 1-2 trips per year to get his Maui Maliko fix and wow has he come a long way. His training is so disciplined and he is always on the hunt for any opportunity to catch some glides even in the coldest of waters on the most chilly days.   I really admire him for his enthusiastic spirit.

Way to go Peter Davies and thanks for sharing your SUP downwind stoke.  You are definitely hardcore! Thanks for the inspiration and perspiration.

Coach Cooney


Suzie Cooney

Owner of Suzie Trains Maui

Suzie Trains Maui


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