by Suzie Cooney, CPT

Core training is absolutely necessary for all ages and all levels of fitness. The core is simply everything excluding your extremities, however in the following exercise the legs and arms do assist the core to execute this advanced plank move.

Start Position Plank

Here, my client Juliet Bundschuh, has recently advanced to the INDO Board Stabilizing Plank. With her feet together behind her, arms locked at shoulder width part, and chest over the INDO Board, she is using all of the finer and deep pelvic floor muscles to keep her centered and steady. In addition, she requires upper body strength to keep her body supported on the board.

While keeping her head in a neutral position, she will start here and then move the board to the left and right, while engaging the core muscles to bring her back to the center, start position and repeat.  The trick is to take away any stress you may feel in your wrists, arms or shoulders and bring it back to the center. Also be careful not to let the board slide out.

Advanced Position

The advanced progression is then to left one leg behind you about 6-12 inches off the floor and continue the same. Here, she will notice her glutes to fire more actively on the supporting leg that is still on the ground.  Very impressive Jules!

Jules’ training always includes core training. Core training prepares the body for the workout or heavier demands in exercising.

To advance this move even further to the next left, I may put the Gigante INDO Board Disc underneath her feet! Crazy action occurs throughout the entire body.

I hope you enjoyed this quick, advanced training tip.

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