Lefts and Rights

Lefts and Rights

Whether you’re a seasoned tow in stud, or beginner surfer, some rules are written in foam, some are not.  There are many crowded breaks here on Maui and other places, so mind your manners!  Here’s some tips to keep you safe and have more fun.  Keep in mind there’s always one wave hog, one who blocks for his buddy and there’s people like me, stoked to give and take!

 1.      Wave rights:

 The person closest to the breaking part of the wave has the right of way. Look  and scan before you charge.

 2.      Side rail:

If someone is up and riding, paddling into the wave behind them does not give you the wave. Also note: In many more mellow breaks, the first person paddling for the wave owns it.  But some breaks are more tense and sometimes it gets pretty touchy in crowded condition. 

 3.      Dropping In  / Snaking ( DON’T):

 Dropping in  is taking off on a wave in front of someone who is already up and riding. NEVER.  Also known as snaking.

 4.      Paddling Out ( Take it on the head ):

 When paddling out, if you must get over a wave that someone is riding, paddle behind them (on the white water side).  This generally means getting worked for the sake of someone else’s ride. Hopefully they would do the same for you. Do not paddle in front of someone unless you are so sure that you will be 20 feet + in front of them that you willing to bet the well being of your board/car/dog on it.

5.  Know Where You Are and  Your Board is At All Times:

Nothng is more scary or annoying ,when a lone board is about ready to give you a piercing you didn’t ask for.  Sometimes leashes break, or get way stretched after a heavy set, and sometimes boards break!  If you get crushed by a sneaker, clean out set, do you best to keep your board near you at all times.  Sometimes if you must ditch and can’t duck dive,  just be careful as you come up.  The board could be spinning down on you or someone else, like a torpedo.

Be cool. If you see someone who clearly doesn’t know the right of way, or where the safe zone is, be kind. Remember what it was like going to a spot maybe a little over your head?

 See you on the water. Remember strong lats, and triceps = more waves! Suzie

Suzie Trains Maui



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