Andy Giordano 6 Podium Masters Division 2018 Personal SUP Race Challenge 

Andy Giordano sup race

Andy Giordano resides in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, and is a husband to lovely wife Sue, father to his amazing son Andrew and beautiful daughter Claudia. He is a living, breathing, Italiano training SUP machine. His exuberant zest for life and expressive and passionate missions are to include his “La Famiglia Ohana” as he calls it; – and to embrace, encourage, and inspire everyone he meets through his love of SUP.

“I’d rather wear out from living, than wither away from doing nothing.
Never slow down, never grow old!”  Andy Goirdano


A small collection of trophies in his home gym.

Now imagine the iconic scene in the movie Rocky as Sylvester Stallone running up those 72 steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Well now we can have another hero to admire and cheer on “Andy” on the big moving screen, called the water!

Get inspired and read below how Andy trains, who gave him this deep seeded drive and determination, and discover where he gets his “fire.”

I always tell my clients if you say it out loud, you can make it happen. If you write it down and then say it to 10 people, you are closer to making it real. If you say it, write it down and share with thousands of people like we are right now, you have already won!

Andy is often seen at the podium in years past but never has he intentionally stated and recorded his race goals. Here it is, Andy’s written goals and now we are announcing to the world that he has added two more races to set a new personal goal, at the age of a young 53, soon 54 ( uh em the new 44) ; to podium 6 times “Masters Division” 2018 with a total accumulation of 91 miles:

1. The Carolina Cup Saturday April 21st Graveyard 12 mile ocean/bay race

2.The Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation,,, 2018 The Paddle for a Cause— Sunday June 10th 22 mile ocean/bay race

3.Desatnick Spinal Cord Foundation–Cape2Cape Sunday July 1rst 18 mile open ocean race Delaware2Cape May NJ

4.Strathmere MS Foundation 5 mile back bay race July 19th

5.Harbor Outfitters 9 mile open ocean race July 24th

6.SEA NY Autism 25 mile race around Manhatten Island  Saturday August 11th

GEAR: SIC X 14 Pro & Quick Blade QB Trifecta 86 paddle

A little about Andy: I was born in a small seashore town called Sea Isle City NJ, accessed by 3 bridges. The hospital back entrance was the Atlantic ocean.

The ocean is our playground. Surfed since I was 7, started paddle surfing in 2011, sup racing 2013. I just recently returned from a private Sup Foil lesson with Dave Kalama in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  I am as passionate (and addicted to Foil Surfing) and I am so STOKED to introduce this to my Tribe locally.

Andrew, Dave Kalama and Andy

My goal for 2019 is to travel to Maui with my family, train with Suzie and experience a “Maliko Run”.

Having a strong faith, managing life’s battle scars, and a having a healthy sense of humor are the basis of a book i am currently writing. 

Where Andy get’s his inspiration:  My Inspiration has got to be my parents.  At the young age of 86 mom walks 5 miles each morning.  Dad at age 86 won 18 Gold metals in the Senior Swimming Olympics in Martin county Florida last fall, as well as the 5 previous years! Staying active has always been a big factor in their health care regiment.

The Why: My personal goal to podium in the Masters Division came to me in Oct 2017 (after Dad won the 18 gold metals).  Someone asked me, “why the H#@ll would you do that?” I thought for a second and responded, “I don’t think its ever been done before.” That was my answer lol.

As my Dad inspired me to say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I believe deep down everyone has a challenge they want accept, if not now then when? I turn 54 on June 3rd and as I like to say I’m 29 with 25 years experience!

Andy’a Training Regimen:

Well you can tell my book has been well used! He just received his new one today. Get your FRESH copy!!

Click here:

I began with Suzie’s book, How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance, Beginner to Elite. You can tell by the photo that this book is used well and I’ve bought many copies for my friends and family. The Ibook version is cool too! 

My favorite Chapter is “7”, The Mental Part. As soon as I got started in this chapter I knew Suzie understood the Universal Laws. I have read this chapter every month since I committed to my masters podium goal. My family has been studying the subject of Visualization, Power of the thoughts you allow into your mind for 20 years.

It’s not hard, it takes practice to control the real estate between your ears. I read that you could be on the right train but on the wrong tracks to your destination, I say I’m on the SUZIE “TRAINS” MAUI track to my destination! Therefore the #TheMindWinsFirst Suzie’s tag line resonates deep.

Here is my typical weekly training:  

  • 4:15am wake up call  Suzie inspired circuit training, now that ice has melted on back bay, we try to get out 3 times a week in the afternoon
  • Monday – Distance, steady heart rate, increase distance as the year progresses 
  • Wednesday – Intervals, changing interval times each week
  • Sunday – 6 mile time trial, observe my time splits and progression
  • Make sure I follow Chapter 8 on Fueling and Nutrition

How we crossed paths and more about Andy:

Suzie and I first met on Oahu in 2011 while attending the Battle of the Paddle. I was under the main tent applying our nanotechnology coating to all of the race boards, when she came up to see what we where up to. (I stood out cause I was the only dude for 20 miles that was white as a ghost)

Then a few years fast forward to 2015 when I got passionate about racing but needed guidance, my wife and daughter got me Suzie’s book for Valentine’s Day. GAME ON! It’s called the “SUP Bible” for a good reason, do what Suzie recommends, you get results!

If you would like any info regarding our nanotechnology you can email me  (c) 609-602-2685 Website is being updated. I will post on FB/Instagram when we are up again.

This sums up Suzie’s training…Magnifying glass over paper sun’s rays are scattered, very little effect. When rays are concentrated to a focal pinpoint, heat is developed, FIRE IS THE RESULT!

Mahalo Suzie,

Andy Giordano sup race

Andy Giordano

Aloha and thank you Andy for inspiring us all.  We look forward to your photo finish on podium number one. 

Learn more about Andy’s amazing inspirational story on how his son won the battle with cancer, who is an example to everyone overcoming major life obstacles. Click here: OTHER STORY on BLOG

A big shout out to Andy and to sharing such great insight and inspiration.


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