Bobo Gallagher and “Running the Deck” SUP Balance Reaction Training

MAUI, Hawaii

It’s never a dull moment being around this fine young Maui waterman Anderson Bobo Gallagher and when his father Andrew texted me this video, he asked, “what should we call this Coach?” Without hesitation I said, “running the deck”. I”m still laughing because his sister Deveraux is shooting this and I can feel Bobo’s focus and mind moving faster than his body. He is creative on the fly during training and when he’s competing. He is able to click into this surreal zone that I wish I could bottle. I so love working with him and watching his physical and mental strength grow.   LEARN ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE BENEFITS OF THIS SUP EXERCISE DRILL BELOW

He writes in his post: “time to meet my race board again, “running the deck” as Coach Suzie Cooney named is a fun way to training. My goal was 10 in less than 60 seconds. Did I make it? #suzietrainsbobo

This challenging board and water training drill Bobo is doing will help anyone improve their balance, board handling confidence and increase one’s reaction time.  You’ll notice that a few times he quickly “braces” his paddle with a quick tap to avoid falling, but moves again super fast so the blade doesn’t get sucked under the board. He’s also not looking down at his feet but in the direction of next run.

SUP Balance Reaction Training

  • Increases brain’s response time to quickly select the correct path of action for successful execution
  • Increase FUN factor in training
  • Smash your next big downwinder
  • Increases the ability to successfully make a crowded, rough or calm water buoy turn
  • Increase overall leg strength for SUP surfing and downwinding in critical sections
  • Increases leg stamina and endurance / reduces leg and foot fatigue by recruiting ALL muscles of feet, ankle, knee and hips
  • Increases board and body confidence

Knowing your board’s literal tipping point and volume displacement during rough conditions is key. Also if approaching a buoy turn and the field is tight and packed; having excellent board handling skills can help you execute your turn while others are flailing and falling around you. 

While Bobo is soon to be 10 years old, I’m in awe as his internal, innate ability to connect his fast mind to his extremities in a mere second; something I focus hard on with all of my athletes and clients. His mind reads the ocean so fast that his body is ready to receive the commands and the “demands” at warp speed. Imagine the world’s fastest computer translating incredibly difficult code and having to translate a language that hasn’t even been written. This is how I feel about Bobo’s talent and athletic interpretation of how he connects his board, his body, his equipment to the ocean.

As a trainer who specializes in training one’s mind to store files like a super computer, to be ready for anything and everything the ocean throws you; I’m sincerely intrigued as to the what and the how in the way in which Bobo is able to perform in such a relaxed manor. This is the thing, when you’re relaxed and NOT thinking, is when one can perform at one’s best.  There is a moment where time stands still and the elements surround and engulf your mind’s senses and it’s the order in which your brain can deliver the most optimal path to success is what remains a mystery and my goal to uncover in athletes or anyone I train or coach.

When I’m coaching athletes or weekend warriors, I never assume. I attempt to set the stage for early success based on my intuition and ability to read people and predict there reaction and action to what I throw them. I prepare a platform that is mentally and physically challenging to allow for growth, questions, accomplishment but the never ending desire to be better in life and in sport.

Balance training, combined with intense brain stimulation and setting mind markers that are repetitive but known and unknown allow for your body to follow the mind’s intentions. THIS I believe is the secret sauce to incredible feats such as what Bobo has invented, “Running the Deck.” He came up with a challenge beyond me and many and here he makes it fun and just what he does in his everyday world that is strong and colorful.

There are many amazing things that are awaiting Bobo and his keen “innate” brain wiring is that of an athlete who has already surfed many waves, trained many hours and has already won many heats and competitions. It’s like writing history backwards. The picture is captured first and then the explanation and story follows. I really can’t put words to this.

Bobo Gallagher

“Bobo, as one of your mentors and friend and biggest fan keep looking  forward, never at your feet and patiently select the wave that will deliver the most exciting and new path.  It’s just beginning, it’s just beginning…..”

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