Free Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Calculators from Suzie Trains Maui

Free Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Calculators
from Suzie Trains Maui

Here are your Free protein, fat and carbohydrate calculators provided to you by Suzie Trains Maui :

Below are three helpful calculators that will help you determine your protein and carbohydrate needs.

Suzie Cooney special training note for Suzie Trains Maui  While no one formula or equation fits all please take the following factors into consideration when determining your caloric needs:

  • Current level of fitness
  • Age and gender
  • Health conditions, medications
  • Total weight and lean mass versus fat percentage
  • True activity levels, including daily life scenarios such as type of career and actual training time

Know Your Body’s Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Needs as a SUP Athlete

There are many theories and debates as to how much protein, fat and carbohydrates an endurance athlete needs daily to perform at their best. There’s loads of varying data that can make you dizzy unless you are a scientist or have a degree in sports nutrition. It is agreed that men need about 10 more grams of protein than woman, per day, regardless of activity level. On average the general protein needs of a male are about 56g per day and a woman 46g per day.


During heavy training paddling sessions or endurance SUP races, like channel crossings, you must increase your caloric intake especially from complex carb foods to maintain your glycogen stores to meet your energy needs. If you fail to do so while you’re training a few things can happen:

  • Chronic muscle tiredness or fatigue could set in
  • You could get a feeling of flatness or staleness
  • Unwanted weight loss could occur
  • Your sleep pattern could be Interrupted


If our overall fueling goal is to spare our protein nutrients to preserve muscles, consuming adequate calories from fat, along with carbohydrates, is important.

A SUP athlete should consume 20 to 25% of caloric intake from fat.


On a closing note, there is no one formula that we can plug you in to. This acts as just a guide to help you build awareness and help you make the best decisions you can about eating for performance. Only you know how you will “feel”.

Monitor closely and pay attention how you perform AND how fast you recover. This is also a way to determine your level of performance and you know already who important healthy is.

Good luck, paddle hard and see you on the water!

Suzie Cooney

Suzie Trains Maui


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