Indo Board Training Video ” The Floater”
by Suzie Cooney

This Indo Board video training bite is great for surfers and stand up paddlers and will really “shake” things up. It’s fun and super challenging for all levels. I called it the “floater” because it creates almost an optical illusion of floating like when you float on the white water with your board skimming across the top of a wave.

Even if you don’t surf or paddle surf this exercise will help you improve your balance by placing intense demands on your core, hips, knees and ankles and is guaranteed to build total leg endurance.

The gear you’ll need is provided by Indo Board:

1. 12” IndoFlo
2. 24” Gigante Flo Cushion
3. Indo Board Pro (other boards will work, this offers the most stability with lots of action)

By having two unstable platforms of two different sizes,  this exercise offers the ultimate all planes of motion for those interested in increasing their balance and core strength. All of the small finer muscles have to “be on board” and fire simultaneously to keep you standing or “floating”. I love it.

I highly suggest you hold onto a heavy stationary object the first couple rounds. Keep your knees bent and eyes forward. I also recommend that you do not over inflate either cushion, as less is more and remember nubby side up.

Like everything we can do in functional training, you can add to the challenge by deflating the cushions, holding a kettle bell or switching to your surf stance. Please keep safety in mind and remember that common sense rules.

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Mahalo for stopping by and hope you love this new training tip.

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