Please Watch My Special Television Episode on Animal Planet
The Monster Inside Me: Backyard Killers

Aloha friends, this is a post to ask you to please mark your calendars and watch my personal and special television episode on Animal Planet to air Thursday, December 10, 2015. The show is called The Monster Inside Me, Backyard Killers. There is a link below for program times.

*****NEW FINDINGS ON CIGUATERA DEVELOPMENT/ HOW AND WHERE SUZIE COONEY ACTUALLY CONTRACTED THE TOXIN: It was first suspected that shrimp was the carrier of the toxin. Since the first noted symptoms reported June 11, 2011 and after reviewing my personal calendar more in depth and interviewing who I was with, it was concluded that I ingested the toxin here on Maui at a local restaurant. Fish tacos were offered as an appetizer but the fish name or type was not offered. We also discovered that often different types of miscellaneous fish are battered and served in this fashion.There is no way to smell, see or taste the toxin. Diner be ware and ask your server to confirm they type of fish you are requesting if it is not stated clearly on the menu.

I must warn you this show is not a glamorous segment and many of you will be shocked in what you see, learn and hear about me and this food borne bacterial toxin called ciguatera. I have not seen the final edit and hope they didn’t put a tail on me.

Just released this week December 15 2015 from NOAA: Ciguatera fish poisoning predicted to increase with rising ocean temperatures

Suzie Cooney by Tracy Leboe All Rights Reserved 2015

photo Tracy Leboe

The only reason I gave permission to film this episode is to help me find a cure and hope for a way or path to rid myself and others of this toxin so I can lead a “normal” life. I also want to educate as many people as possible and to help others who I know are also personally suffering all across the country.

It is two years this month that I announced publicly that I am managing this toxin. You can read my story called A Personal Peek into My Life: Living with Ciguatera.  I live in pain most days and it’s very important that you, your doctors and your family know. Since June of 2011 I have been living and managing this debiltating toxin typically found in deep water reef fish.

Most people and physicians have never heard of it nor do they know that now it’s becoming more and more common even on the mainland.  It often goes misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis or a terrible stomach virus or temporary allergy. If caught early treatment can help in the first 24hrs.

Our oceans are becoming more toxic and with the changes occurring on our planet, one has to wonder if it’s only a matter of time before more cases like mine become more common?

Please tell your friends, your doctors and family to tune in. Check your area’s listing for times:

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Aloha and remember your health is your wealth.

Suzie Cooney photo Tracy Kraft Leboe

Suzie Cooney
Suzie Trains Maui



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