Prehab 6 Exercises for a Stiff Low Back

Exercise Stiff Low Back

“PREHAB” 6 exercises for a stiff low back: For some the word “stretch” is a four letter word and avoided with every excuse. The SMR roller is called affectionately the “misery stick”.


Listen up! Whether you’re winging for hours, followed by a surf session and then you pound 5 burritos, popping a cold one BUT you’re too tired to stretch and take care of the body that keeps you on water? You can’t figure out why your low back is continuously stiff and not flexible. Duh… you don’t take care of it!

All of the years I’ve pounded my body and especially my back, on the ocean from windsurfing, surfing, dirt biking, SUP surfing and now I’m ready to master the OC1 on Maliko;- I MUST do constant “prehab” for my low back so I can continue. Sort of like preventative maintenance.

Taking a more proactive approach by keeping the lower back primed and flexible will allow for more functional movements and help your athletic performance, and hopefully prevent muscle imbalances, and avoid more serious back injuries.

DISCLAIMER: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

Try these exercises everyday for 1 week, and feel the difference and increase your time on the water:

1.Back Extensions: 10-15
2.SMR Roller of Piriformis (muscle below the gluteus Maximus)
**Note- This can be incredibly uncomfortable at first
3.Cat Crawls– Back/Neck Extensions 10-15
4.Hip Flexor Stretch: Hold for 30 seconds each leg
5.SMR Hamstring: Beginners: 30-45 seconds Roll both at once if really tender, place leg over top of other leg to apply more pressure.
6.SMR IT BAND: Rolling the illiotibial band takes practice and can also be very uncomfortable. It’s advised NOT to roll the outer part of the knee. Stop before the insertion.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via this website.

In health and strength,

Suzie Cooney, CPT, CNTC

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