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Tips To Keep
Yourself Mentally and Physically Healthy and Fit

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photo Amanda Emmes Suzie finds lots of creative ways to workout at home. She can help you too.

Some of you are staying home voluntarily or it may be required temporarily by your employer. On the minds of many how can one keep physically fit and keep their sanity during this time? I have to say I never thought in my lifetime or my 20-year career being a personal fitness trainer and coach, that I’d be writing about such a profound, challenging uncertain time such as this.

What you do next will have an impact on how well you and your loved ones and friends can physically and emotionally support one another and encourage everyone to stay healthy.

I wanted to take immediate action to help myself and others on how to keep mentally and physically strong as the news keeps pouring in.  Now we must arm ourselves with internal defense mechanisms and methods to be our healthiest ever.

My first thought is to remain calm and take a personal inventory of one’s overall health status and of course other important affairs.  Find credible resources about the corona virus that work and are practical for you. There is so much that we already must deal with day in and day out, now we have people very panicked and riddled with anxiety and rightly so; adding to many layers of stress.

I share with all of my clients, followers and friends that the mind is our first front-line.


Our mind is the most powerful tool to combat our actions AND reactions. Keeping yourself healthy, fit, and your mind strong are the best ways to maintain and increase our total body immunity

If you are avoiding public places, events and especially the gym, this is where I can help you the most.

Tips To Keep
Yourself Mentally and Physically Healthy:

  • Turn off the news and social media. If you need tell friends and family that you need a break from the chaos do so.
  • Our health is our complete wealth. I know this personally. Do EVERYTHING you can to increase your internal and physical strength. From getting enough sleep, maintaining your fun activities and hobbies and feeding yourself well, keep hydrated and of course keep your normal training a priority.
  • No hype all Skype, Virtual Home Fitness Training. Exercise builds up your immune system and if you find yourself home now, even if temporary, I’m here to help on Skype with no hype. If you are looking for a workout expert who will show up, lift you up and pump you up, I’m your gal. ( See links below )
  • Set up A Home Gym: This is really simple and doesn’t need to be expensive, you just need to get creative! I’m an expert at this. I can help you if you need a little guidance.Contact me via my website and I’ll send you a FREE checklist.
  • Reduce stress levels. Try not to operate your daily life from a place of fear. Fear is a barrier and can paralyze you and break down your overall health, including your immune health. Increase your sleep, take a daily 20 minute nap, don’t stop doing what you love.
  • Understand anxiety. Like stress, some of us are more prone to experience anxiety. It’s okay. No shame in seeking professional guidance from perhaps a therapist or counselor. Talk to someone you know who is practical and calm who offers positive support, not someone perhaps who is all about drama.
  • Get outside. Go for a walk outside, ride your bike or if on Maui go for a surf, paddle or for kite session. Taking in some deep breaths of fresh air will do wonders and when you realize the sky and the ocean is still blue, the birds are singing, keep in a mindset of gratitude.
  • Build Up Your Immune. Just like you normally might increase your vitamin C intake this time of year, consider adding simple things like turmeric, or super antioxidants like moringa powder discovered to help reduce cell damage. Don’t smoke, reduce or eliminate alcohol use.
  • Nutrition: You are most definitely what you eat. Give your body a fighting chance and clean up

    pumpkin seed salad with tamari ginger salmon

    your gut. Literally. If you keep your insides healthy, you can fight bacteria and increase your immunity. Consider taking a probiotic to also increase the balance of healthy enzymes that protect one from toxins, infections and more. More greens than breads and moderate protein. Eliminate refined sugars, reduce red meat intake. I’m personally now pretty much vegan (except salmon now and then) and dairy free. It’s awesome!

In closing, let’s find ways to help one another see the real stories and keep our minds clear of static that doesn’t serve us.  Although unfortunately this is devastating some lives locally and globally, focus on what you can control and that is how well you take care of yourself.

Make yourself and your health a number one priority. The well must stay well. If you don’t know where to start, I’m here to help. I can easily show you how to set up a fun, home gym and maybe meet you on SKYPE for a couple of fun training sessions to lift up your spirits and keep you smiling, fit and strong. I’ve been doing this for many years. I know for a fact If you’re strong then you can manage so much more, be of help to others and maintain a healthy outlook each day.

We’ve got this.

In Strength and Warm Aloha,

Suzie Cooney

Helpful Resources:

Bring Change to Mind: I am an advocate for mental health. This is a fantastic link to help yourself or someone you love on how to “talk about anxiety” or anything else that may benefit one’s mental health.

 Standford Health & CDC Notes on Corona Virus

Fitness and Health It’s All About You and Virtual Training with Suzie Cooney Watch the Video

High Level Physical and Mental Success with Suzie Cooney

SKYPE Virtual Training with Suzie Cooney

Hammer Nutrition  Use my PRO code: receive a wonderful welcome package and 15% off 298280

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