There is a saying on Maui and that also applies to the ocean. So many people arrive to Maui with dreams of surfing and paddling everyday, drinking from coconuts and basking in the warm sunshine. All of that is amazing and can happen and when it does, it’s truly amazing.

The saying is ” Maui will either accept you or reject you.”

For some, it just doesn’t work as it’s the most expensive place to live in the United States and requires one to be very resourceful and respectful of the island ways. Many go back to the mainland.

The N Shore before a big paddle surf Suzie scans the lines and sets

The N Shore before a big paddle surf Suzie scans the lines and sets

I arrived 15  years ago and first learned the same applies to the ocean, especially on the rugged and rough waters of the North shore of Maui. The waves are big and the currents and reefs do not forgive and challenge the most extreme, experienced waterman and women.

This is why I write. Every time I enter the ocean I have the greatest respect. I scan the surf lines and sets and the horizon beyond. I observe the cloud and wind patterns, swell direction and the overall “mana” or power that I am about to embrace.

There are days I feel unstoppable and the waves and wind are with me. There are days where I scratch my head and wonder why it’s so especially hard. Either way I am very grateful.

Suzie Cooney 

Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC
Specializing in SUP and watersports performance

SUP Athlete for Naish

Photo by Tracy Kraft Leboe  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED





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