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How to Have a Guilt Free Thanksgiving: These are my quick tips I’ve shared today on my weekly health and fitness and all about SUP radio show, on how to enjoy this holiday’s feast and not have a guilty conscious. I was thinking of something different to offer the public, and maybe create a pre-thanksgiving help line, but not for how to cook a turkey but to help counsel those who are already stressing about gaining weight. I think I could be on to something!

According to online surveys the average person will eat over 4,000 and 229 grams of fat, the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Yikes.  Not to mention the additional increase in sodium intake may leave you feeling bloated and miserable. Do you know how hard  you’ll have to work to burn that off?  Very!

So instead maybe this segment will see you through.  I know many of you who I counsel and train are getting a bit worried about how many calories they will be consuming. I try and give them all the knowledge and power so they don’t come back to me the Monday after with their tail between their legs, and crumbs on their face from pumpkin pie crust.

For example if you eat 6 ounces of white turkey at about 180 calories, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to run that off.

Listen right above now to my snippet from the Maui Breakfast Club, relax and please whatever you do, leave the elastic pants or skirt in the drawer at home.  ( Air date November 19, 2012 )

Go for run on the beach and charge your pre meal metabolic booster!

Tip One: Slow Down – Eat more slowly and taste each bite.  How about 10 -15 chews per bite. Sip water before and after and each bite. PORTION control matters as well. Smaller portions, no seconds.

Tip Two: Sit down while you eat, no mindless grazing. Standing may cause you to eat more.

Tip Three: Go easy on the booze.  These are sneaky calories! Fill a wine glass with sparkling water. Avoid alcohol as it slows down your metabolism.

Tip Four: Shift mind set to losing weight, and focus on maintenance. Don’t lose weight to eat more.

Tip Five: Don’t worry about insulting friends and family who push food on  you. Politely say, “thank you but I’m so full, or I”ll have some later.”

Tip Six: Celebrate yourself, your friends and family. Hugs are free, they make us feel good and they don’t have any calories!

Tip Seven: Get outside and surf, SUP, windsurf, kite or walk or run on the beach. This is my tradition. Depending on conditions which are usually amazing in November; I’ll grab a board and hit the water for an hour or two.

Tip Eight: Don’t skip meals so you can indulge and binge. You’ll regret it.

Tip Nine:  Eat fiber and whole grain breakfast. Fiber is filling.

Last Tip: Don’t stress, there are plenty of personal trainers that can help you get back on track. The trick is, not to go off track in first place.

Aloha & Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for tuning in and check back here for more holiday tips to help you hold your course and not order that second one.

Mahalo and Happy Thanksgiving!

Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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