Two Awesome Workout Tweaks To Up Your Heart Rate

Aloha here are two awesome workout tweaks to help you increase your cardio and endurance training, burn more fat, and make your workouts way more exciting and fun! VIDEO BELOW

TRY THESE NOW! Try these 2 workout tweaks to REALLY see results, increase cardio endurance and to spice up any exercise routine.

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TWEAK #1: Instead of counting reps/sets do each training component for 2 MINUTES. Don’t count just really get into it and tune into your body. This will increase your overall endurance, fat burn and mental strength.

TRAINING NOTE: Be sure to adjust weights, resistance bands, etc. accordingly as 2 minutes might lead to early failure or too much stress. Adjust tempo as well. Keep breathing and don’t risk good form. Hey if 2 minutes is too much, just try a minute and a half.


Tabata Training

TWEAK #2: If you love circuit training you’ll love TABATA. Add (1) TABATA circuit before or after each strength set during your workout. GO FULL ON! It’s so awesome and stimulates your metabolic factor to an epic high. You can get the app or put on your smart device I like the one at

TRAINING NOTE: Select simple exercises that switch from a prone to standing now and then and I prefer using one’s own body weight. You can add some light weights to things or you can add like a mid-range weighted bouncing medicine ball. I also recommend wearing a heart rate monitor to make sure you don’t TOO hard! You’ll hit your max pretty quick!

  1. Medicine Ball Rapid Fire Bounces
  2. Burpees (modify as needed)
  3. Ice Skaters
  4. Prone Mountain Climbers, floor, BOSU or bench
  5. Reverse Lunges
  6. Prone Plank Arm Rows
  7. Jumping Jacks
  8. Split Jumps

    GOOD LUCK with these workout tweaks and report back! Drop a comment and share with your friends.

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