A Simple Tip on How to Be a Stronger Surfer

INDO Board Gear for All of My Client’s Training Needs

Whether you’re entering a new fitness program, would like to get stronger for surfing, SUP, windsurfing or virtually any sport, INDO Board training is a blast. The equipment is portable and can grow with you as you learn new exercises for tricks for skateboarding or if you need to get stronger and build strength after an injury. The team at INDO Board understands the demand of athletes and non athletes but also recognizes that training should be fun and offer functional benefits for your entire body. Balance training, propreoception training, advanced core training, leg strength and upper body strength and all develop as you learn more about how to use your INDO Board equipment. I use it for post op surgical clients, rehab, and for those reentering fitness to liven up their routines. It’s really endless on what you can do with the extensive line they offer. There are great videos too on their website. Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui

Building Your Dynamic Core For Stronger Stand Up Paddling with Suzie Cooney

Building Your Dynamic Core For Stronger Stand Up Paddling with Suzie Cooney

As a pro team SUP rider for Naish International and fan of the TRX Rip Trainer, I’ve combined here the basics of core training to anyone but specifically for SUP or stand up paddling. The exercises here do require one to already have some experience knowing how to activate and engage the core. These are excellent and challenging. SUP can require explosive paddling at times. Hope you enjoy! Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui


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