What a day we had yesterday! You guys were so wonderful! 

Thank you so much for showing up with big smiles, big hearts and a willingness to get sandy and wet and conquer the day.  I’m still playing in my mind some looks of fright, maybe a little concern, but those were soon washed away with giggles and sheer delight.  Getting the boards on and off the car, everyone learned quickly that is part of the workout!

What was not expected yesterday, was hello.. a HIGH SURF ADVISORY!  Professional surf photographer, Simone Reddingius was on hand to capture each exciting moment. Thanks Simone.  Be sure to check out more of Simone’s work by clicking here.

 After some stretching on the beach, some strength exercises and a water safety review, first out, Roxanne S and Paula.  Roxanne charged the waves, Paula had her own mission.


As we made it past that wall of water, then the ocean subsided, as if it knew to give us a little moment of peace to gather our paddles, our courage and confidence and again.

_MG_5312The winds were calm and then water became like a magic carpet. The laughs and splashes were echoed across the bay. Everyone had their own little thing going on. Paula cruised to Lahaina and back, Deanna had an incredible look of determination and shrieked with laughter often, and then there was Valerie who decided to take her dance steps right off the nose of her board.  I loved seeing the big smile on Maria’s face too. Maria, you are officially a water girl!

Sandi, what a great day! You were rock’n that board. I know you. You are stubborn and want it!  Great job!

Suki, thank you for sharing that lovely moment with us all in the middle of the ocean. That was awesome. Who would ever think that you’d be on Maui, in the middle of the ocean on a SUP board cruising around with confidence and strength. It’s a far cry from NY City!

Then the real fun began! The surf came up and the swell was rolling underneath us. I knew it was time to head in.  As we watched the swell for a safe point of entry, it kept shifting, eliminating our safe channel exit.  I knew the winds were on the way and we had about 15 minutes to get back.

By now the waves were getting a little steep. (A big thanks to Roxanne for sweeping from behind to help as an escort.) Mission: get back to the beach safely.  The waves were breaking further out this time and the sets were plenty and relentless.  Instructions, ride that board like a cowgirl. Put to practice the water safety techniques we just learned, sit, lay back, and paddle in, or lay on your belly and glide in.  To some the board behaved like a bucking pony, throwing from side to side then comes the lift, pitch and roll!   

 SUP Warrior, Roxanne T had it down. She knew what to do. We both got thrown and pitched. The first thing we did was relax. It’s just water and it will wash right over us. Breathe and hold your paddle up so the others can see they we are down, and then grab your leash webbing to control your board and keep you between the wave and the board! Bravo, well done! When the set was done, we hopped on our boards and cruised right in.

Then it was time for me to bring in the next one. Kilee learned quick to surf that board right in.  She was graceful and elegant. She said, “I really don’t like this part..” Then to her surprise she was in, smiling from ear to ear!  Great job girlfriend!

Rose, visiting from California, was hungry for the waves! That’s where the real workout begins. Go for it and don’t stop paddling! I think she’s hooked!

Now it’s Suki’s turn with the biggest, heaviest board and NO handle! We all wondered if Laird came with the board he made just to carry it in and out of the water. Maybe next time!  Suki didn’t know it, but I saw this one wave coming right underneath and thought, okay I’m not going to tell her, we’re just going for it!  I yelled, get your feet up, scoot back, lean back and paddle in Hawaii Five O style!  She hooted and hollered all the way in.  It only took us 10 minutes to get her board OUT of the water!!

I am so proud of each and every one of you.  You all reached your personal goals and then some!  I want you all to feel like you can conquer even the biggest waves on and off the water. 

Thank you for making this first STAND UP to Slim Down Saturday one to remember!  Let’s do it again!


  suzie sup croppedSee you on the water!  Suzie


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